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Getting It All Together

Nov-29-2010 By admin

I am aware that this blog was intended to be a journal by me on my attempts to break free and find freedom from the job market. I have done little of this, really passing on what I have learned, which I am sure is still useful.

Perhaps now I should bring you up to date with the challenges I am finding in going it alone at the moment in the hope you might identify with them and perhaps might find the answers at the same time.

The challenges I am finding are based on that perennial problem – self-discipline.

I am still having challenges getting to bed on time. This hinges on several influences. Firstly, I must not work too late, also I need to avoid eating too late and I do need to find time to relax before going to bed: to wind down. A hot bath often helps I find.

Equally, I am having challenges getting up early enough in the morning. This may not come as a surprise as it is so nice to be self dependent and not have to rush around to go to a job. However, this means I need to discipline myself more to get the work done. Oh dear.

As I have mentioned before, I can avoid using alarm clocks if I allow myself eight hours sleep a night. I find I naturally sleep that long. Mind you, there are temptations to stay in bed a bit longer, especially on cold mornings like they are now and also if I have got to bed too late the night before.

For this reason I have resorted to temporarily using alarm clocks. At present I have one set to bleep at ten at night to tell me I should wind down and relax ready for bed at twelve and the radio comes on at 8.30 in the morning to get me up. This generally works well except I have just worked through the first one now and it is still too easy to lie in bed thinking in the morning!

The other problems I have probably impact on this situation so I will continue.

Once I do get up I have a set morning routine so I can do what needs to be done before I start work.

Bear in mind one of my goals is to have a healthier lifestyle too, so I need sleep and exercise. In the morning therefore I have some set exercises I work to (eventually I would like to add Tai Chi, but one stage at a time), I listen to a hypnosis tape from Paul McKenna to set my thinking for the day (and it does work, I think) and then go for a thirty minute cycle ride before having breakfast and starting work on breaking free.

Well, that’s the idea anyway! I do tend to be slow going through this routine and, again, I think it is influenced by being lax in other areas. I am realising that a weakness in one area can upset the whole routine and remove the sense of urgency once set by the need to be at a job.

In breaking free we need to provide our own discipline or someone else will do it for us – and we won’t find freedom.

In the evening, once the alarm sounds at ten I should have another session of hypnosis, relax, think and meditate and make my way to bed. But too often I work too late so I go to bed still in work mode.

The reason for this is again related to something else. I have mentioned before that I have a ‘base acceptable bottom,’ or a level of work I MUST at least complete every day. This involves publishing a post to each of my four websites each day. I am achieving this I am glad to say but sometimes at the cost of running over my ten o’clock deadline.

The other problem is I am achieving this goal but I now need to do more. Often the posts I publish on breaking free and other subjects are not original but articles or videos from other sites (with the correct backlinks and credits), which is fine but I need to post more original articles of my own. In other words, to improve the quality.

At the same time, I am not moving forward in terms of learning about the websites I use, about online advertising, about more ways of promoting my sites. Equally I am not planning ahead or writing articles for other sites to promote my own. Clearly I need to impose better time discipline as per a previous article on this site or I will not find freedom as I want.

This time discipline must ensure it does not impact on my sleep either. Obviously tiredness would impact on my ability to work at my best.

Another reason for ensuring good time discipline is I want to temporarily start twelve hour working days to move forward. Clearly this needs a better routine.

Another area I am better at now is curiously my food shopping. This may seem a strange consideration but to go shopping during the week disrupts my break free work routine. Saturday is generally my day off (but I do try and get some posts online if I can) so I have been trying to get the shopping done then. Recently I have been achieving this and so minimizing distractions from my goal of breaking free.

There are other specific areas already discussed on this site that I still need to get right – and these also impact on other areas of my drive to find freedom.

As I have missed my goals too often I have let slip the idea of giving myself rewards for work done. This is something I need to work on.

Equally I need to take my breaks at set times. I tend to panic or get too involved in an article and forget to take the break. I do have a timer on my desk which goes off after 60 minutes so I need to get in the habit of jumping up and away from my desk when this goes off so I can have a ten minute break.

As said before, the breaks help me come back to work with a fresh mind.

Not enough breaks can cause me to spend too long in bed on having lunch.


The truth is the whole process of breaking free to find freedom can seem overwhelming. I need to refocus on my goal, which is to break free and find freedom.

One of the advantages of writing a blog like this is I have discovered what it is I need to do. The articles on this site really have given me some ideas about how to find freedom. I hope they have helped you too.

The key is finding how to apply what I have learned regularly and consistently.

That is an interesting point and one I have not seen mentioned very often; how to fit into your daily routine all the techniques required to become self dependent and successful without becoming overwhelmed.

There, I have set out my situation in fairly frank terms. One of my priorities now is simply to earn money so I can find freedom and not return to the job market next year. Solving the above challenges should ensure my success.

I will come back to these problems in later posts on breaking free to find freedom and am interested in your comments regarding your ideas and experiences.

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Ah, when you are breaking free to find freedom, maybe it would be wise not to tell everyone what your goals are. After all, how many are still in a job? This video explains all.

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Keep Moving

Nov-25-2010 By admin

“Man who stand on hill with mouth open will wait long time
for roast duck to drop in.”


I am learning that in doing anything in life, especially breaking free to find freedom from your job, the best action is simply action.

I don’t mean you have to just do it with no thought, although that is not necessarily a bad thing to do, but there is a process to go through to be most effective. In short to find freedom you need to learn, plan and take action. Then you start the process again immediately, learning from what you have just done.

The key is to never stop. To never stand still. Too many people breaking free fail because they stay too long at one of the stages. I know because I have made this mistake so many times.

If you find you have stalled either examine your reason why you are breaking free (your dream, if you will) or educate yourself about the obstacle you face and learn how to over come it.

Inaction is usually as result of a forgotten dream or an obstacle seeming larger than it is.

The key then to find freedom is to learn what you need to do, plan it out and just do it without hesitation. Then repeat the process. And keep repeating it until you break free and find freedom.

The saying is you are either moving forward or falling back. Do something, keep pressing forward or you will be moving back.

“Don’t be put off by all the apparent obstacles. The very act of starting the ball rolling will shift quite a few of them.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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Kevin Spacey Inspirational (Video)

Nov-12-2010 By admin

This is not specifically useful to anyone breaking free or going it alone but is generally inspiring, so I thought I would post it anyway. Kevin Spacey talking to aspiring actors. Well, I like it.

“There is no prize out there. The only prize is this one and what you feel and what you want to accomplish.

If you can as you start out these what could be lean years, what could be fat years…

I very often watch a lot of young people meander around without any idea about why they are doing what they are doing. I mean to want and to be ambitious and to want to be successful is not enough. That’s just desire. To know what you want, to understand why you are doing it, to dedicate every breath in your body to achieve.

If you feel you have something to give, if you feel your particular talent is worth developing, is worth caring for then there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

You’re going to grow up with your colleagues, you’re going to watch them have success and watch them have failure and you’re going to watch how they deal with it and they can be as much a teacher for you as anybody here or anyone who is privileged enough to come here and speak to you. “

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Show Me The Money

Nov-4-2010 By admin

One of the reasons for wanting to break free from a job and find freedom is to gain control of your money. The truth is if you are not self dependent, someone else sets your income and too frequently this leaves you very exposed.

The present economic climate means everyone not self dependent, everyone not going it alone, is in a very difficult position. Every day companies and even government departments are shedding staff, which means you could end up with no income, living off handouts or finding a job you really do not want simply to have an income of some sort. There is no guarantee that any of these incomes could not also be removed either.

Oh, wait; surely money is not all that important? Surely the best things in life are free? That is true in many regards but in the modern world living without money is very difficult. It is very difficult to grow all your own food, for example, or to live in a house for free.

Friends and family and sunrises and sunsets are free so we don’t need money really. Of course they are but the lack of money is one of the biggest reasons for divorce and friendships would soon come under strain if you did not pay your way. After all, your friends and family suffer the same financial constraints you do.

The people who are most obsessed by money tend to be those who do not have any. If people say money is not important, you may ask them why they are going to work tomorrow.

Ah, but even the Bible says ‘money is the root of all evil.’ Actually, no, it doesn’t. The relevant passage is from Timothy 6:10 and says:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

Actually I do wonder if the lack of money is the root of many evils. Those who have less money love it all the more. Would crime still exist if everyone had enough money?

So you need to have a balanced and sober view of money. Don’t make it a God but treat it as a resource to be skilfully controlled.

If you are a good person and you have money, you become a good person with money. If you are an idiot and you get money, you become an idiot with money. Money doesn’t change a person. It is entirely under your control.

To me, the better option is to break free from a job and find freedom – financial freedom.

Why not become self dependent and earn enough money so you don’t have to worry about it any more and then you can truly enjoy the free things in life. After all, money can do a lot of good: the charities are always after some.

Going it alone can be very rewarding for many reasons, one of which is to remove money worries from your life.

That would feel good, wouldn’t it?

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Why Why Why Delilah

Oct-28-2010 By admin

Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.

Kenneth Hildebrand

Now we get down to the basics. You are breaking free from the job market and you want to find freedom. But what does that mean to you?

Is it important? Actually, yes I think it is. If you are going it alone you need to produce your own motivation when things get tough. You will need to have something to look to which will help you understand why you are breaking free. What it is you want.

I have found that as definite a reminder as possible works well. Once you know why you are doing this, find a brochure of get a photograph that depicts what it is you want. Perhaps a representation of the life you want, a picture of your family, a brochure of the car you want would be there for you to look at and remind you when you need it: whatever it is you want, picture it, feel it, make it as real as you can.

My reasons are complex. I am not married and have no children and there is no chance of that changing so my motivation will not include a family (although I want my parents and wider family to be proud of me, of course). My house however is quite old and needs work done so I am getting prices for the work to do now and am including the plans as my motivation in breaking free. Of course above all else I want to replace my income so I can really break free from my job and find freedom, so I am motivated by the thought of keeping away from the job market.

But my goals go further than that. I started to think ‘what if I find freedom – what then?’ I have always had loads of interests and hobbies that I had to give up in my last job so I am now looking at making more spare time from my business to enjoy friends and my interests. Stuff that money cannot always buy, but time can.

Oh, and yes, I do want that dream car (in my case a TVR Tuscan S) so I have worked it out in detail and have the brochure and photographs too. The only thing is I have not driven one yet so I must organise that.

But it is wrong to want a flash car or some other material thing, isn’t it? No, why? It gives you something to aim for and can be used in conjunction with your other goals. Let me explain. I have already decided the TVR Tuscan will be bought AFTER I have completed the house. This makes it a marker for my life, an expression of arrival at a certain point.

I guess this is a very short post on a very important subject but I am sure we will come back to it later.

In the meantime, spend some time thinking why you are breaking free, why you want to be self dependent, why you are going it alone. Maybe write it down and look at it regularly.

Tell yourself why as often as you can.

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